Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s wounds contradict original police arrest version

Джохар Царнаев Бостон террорист

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Trauma surgeon Stephen Ray Odom, of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, testified on April 22 that alleged Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev suffered from a “high-powered injury” that resulted in wounds to the middle ear, the skull base, his vertebrae and his pharynx.

 A trauma surgeon detailed the suspect’s condition in a hearing the day the Chechen immigrant, who was lying in a Boston hospital bed, was first charged over the bombing attacks that killed three people and wounded about 264.

 Tsarnaev was arrested on 19 April, four days after the bombing attack, at the conclusion of a day-long lockdown of most of the Boston area that began when he and his older brother allegedly killed a police officer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, carjacked a man and engaged in a gunbattle in the suburb of Watertown that ended with 26-year-old Tamerlan Tsarnaev dead and Dzhokhar on the run.

 Police found the younger Tsarnaev hiding in a boat in a backyard.


 Tsarnaev also sustained multiple wounds to his legs and arm but was alert and aware of his surroundings, Odom said.


 However, the photographs released by Sgt. Sean Murphy, a tactical photographer with the Massachusetts State Police, shows Tsarnaev standing upright holding his hands in the air as an act of submission before being apprehended by police.


 Based on the released photos, it’s obvious that Tsarnaev had not suffered from a gunshot wound to the face at this point. If he had, he most likely wouldn’t have been mobile, let alone able stand and walk towards police surrendering himself.

 Dr. Odom’s report does not state whether the wounds were self-inflicted, or caused by police during the shootout.

 Initial reports stated that police fired at Tsarnaev using rubber bullets (which is debunked through the audio of the video below), however once photos of the boat riddled with bullet holes emerged, police retracted that story replacing it with allegations that Tsarnaev was armed and firing at police.


 These allegations were also later debunked when reports revealed that Tsarnaev was not found with any weapons.

 According to the government’s narrative, Tsarnaev thought he was dying so he searched the boat, was able to find a pen and wrote messages inside the interior of the boat.

 It seems ridiculous to imagine Tsarnaev writing all these messages during his final moments. And of course the public can’t view the messages because the boat was so badly riddled with bullet holes, yet it was reportedly legible enough for police to make it out.

 While inconsistencies continue to plague this case, one thing is certain and that’s that the story is sure to change again, evolving in a manner that compliments the government’s agenda.

 Voice of Russia,, The Guardian

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