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Bionic plants

CAMBRIDGE, MA — Plants have many valuable functions: They provide food and fuel, release the oxygen that we breathe, and add beauty to our surroundings. Now, a team of MIT researchers wants to make plants even more useful by augmenting them with nanomaterials that could enhance their energy […]

Secret Service releases first 100 pages of Aaron Swartz investigation

   Published time: August 14, 2013 00:29                                                                             Aaron Swartz (Photo by Phillip Stearns) Freshly unveiled documents indicate that the US Secret Service was involved in the investigation into Aaron Swartz, the Internet activist who was awaiting trial on hacking charges when he committed suicide earlier this year. […]

New book documents Cold War experiments on kids

By JOANN LOVIGLIO / Associated Press / July 7, 2013 PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A half century later, Charlie Dyer still vividly remembers the day he was picked to join the ‘‘Fernald Science Club.’’ It was 1954 and at 14, he had already spent nearly half his life in a succession of Massachusetts […]

Researchers explore quantum entanglement: superluminal

Contact: Leanne Yohemas lmyohema@ucalgary.ca 402-220-7722 University of Calgary Paper in Physical Review Letters delves into phenomenon Einstein called ‘spooky’ Albert Einstein called quantum entanglement—two particles in different locations, even on other sides of the universe, influencing each other—”spooky action at a distance.” Einstein made the comment while criticizing […]

Evolution’s new wrinkle

2008 study posted for filing Contact: Kitta MacPherson kittamac@princeton.edu 609-258-5729 Princeton University Proteins with cruise control provide new perspective A team of Princeton University scientists has discovered that chains of proteins found in most living organisms act like adaptive machines, possessing the ability to control their own evolution. […]

Merging tissue and electronics

For Immediate Release:August 27, 2012 contact: Sarah McDonnell, MIT News Office email: s_mcd@mit.edu phone: 617-253-8923       New tissue scaffold could be used for drug development and implantable therapeutic devices. CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — To control the three-dimensional shape of engineered tissue, researchers grow cells on tiny, sponge-like scaffolds. These […]