EDA To Hold EU’s First War Game To Assess Military Capabilities

May. 31, 2013 – 11:12AM   |

BRUSSELS — The European Defence Agency (EDA) will organize the EU’s first ever war game from June 4-6 in The Hague to assess future European military capability requirements. Results will be presented to EU member states this autumn, ahead of an EU summit of heads of state and government focusing on defense matters.

“Given the often long time frames between research, development, acquisition, training and final entry into service of new assets, we need to have a timely understanding of what future capability needs might look like. The war game is one element to support member states in defining the military capabilities needed for Common Security and Defence Policy operations in the mid to long-term,” said EDA Capabilities Director Peter Round.

During the war game, also known as the European Capability Assessment Game, 25 military and civil experts from EU member states and EU bodies will crosscheck existing and planned military capabilities against the threats and challenges described in four scenarios.

“These scenarios are not aimed at predicting the most probable future, nor to engage in a discussion about political developments, but to test the impact on long-term capability requirements,” said the EDA.

■Classic Case: The global balance of today remains unchanged in a positive and stable way.

■Aggressive Multi-Polarism: Several more or less equally strong powers compete for power, influence and resources, also by military means.

■Failing States: An increased number of states are not able to cope with the challenges of globalization, competition for resources, climate change and other factors.

■Unconventional Conflicts: Open military clashes are rare. Power blocks (states) try to undermine each other’s security by supporting, for example, terrorist or radical opposition groups.

The EDA’s long-term capability development work looks to 2030 and beyond.

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