Spain’s PM denies receiving secret payments

Feb 2, 2013 19:36 Moscow Time

Spain’s PM denies receiving secret payments

Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has denied media claims that he and other members of the governing Popular Party received secret payments.

“I have never received nor distributed undeclared money,” he said at an extraordinary session of his party discussing the El Pais newspaper allegations.

El Pais published photographs of unregistered payments to Popular Party members, including the former treasurer Luis Barcenas who is currently under investigation for money-laundering.

Spanish PM accused of corruption

Spain’s ruling People’s Party has denied accusations of double bookkeeping and setting up a slush fund to finance its leadership.

Spanish EL Pais newspaper published excerpts of handwritten accounts run by PM Mariano Rajoy’s People’s Party, which showed 11 years of payments to Rajoy of 25,200 euros a year.

The fund received donations from companies, mostly building firms, and made regular payments of thousands of euros to several party leaders.

The report came as yet another blow to the reputation 57-year-old Rajoy. Thousand s of Spaniards poured into the streets, chanting ‘Thieves!’ and bearing placards reading ‘Resign Now!’.

Voice of Russia, Reuters, Interfax

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  1. It is clear that there was money recieved by Rajoy and his party, and this is why:


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