Asset and Resource Hoarding

Economics play a pivitol part in Human Health…Whether it be buy quality food, or just food. Control and individuals Disposable wealth, you control many aspects of a person health (i.e. Mental and Physical)

The ” Lagarde List “

Editor’s Note (Ralph Turchiano) Re-Post Request for cross reference HSBC and Panama files. Original Post date 28 October 2012 Engineering Evil : Authenticity Still Requires further verification Being on a List does not imply guilt Current Source Info: Zougla Keep Talking… Read More ›

Revealed: How Then Governor Goodluck Jonathan Gave Obaigbena $1 Million From Bayelsa’s Poverty Alleviation Funds For Beyonce And Jay Z’s Visit To Nigeria

Posted: February 20, 2013 – 22:55 Posted by siteadmin caption: Beyonce and Jayzee in Nigeria in October 2006                     By SaharaReporters, New York SaharaReporters has uncovered a document indicating that a million dollars of Bayelsa State’s poverty alleviation fund was… Read More ›

Filthy rich: Britain’s favourite dictatorship had so much oil its heiresses bathe in it… but beneath the fabulous wealth of Azerbaijan lurks very murky secrets

Oil generated £19  billion in revenues last year, yet much is believed to have gone straight into  the pockets of President Ilham Aliyev and his family Azeri government  has threatened journalists and activists are tortured Leaked documents  recently compared President… Read More ›