Moderator Notes (Future Plans)

Since this blogs inception since late July 2012, the NET has been very,  very kind. We have linked incredibly well. Been extemely fortunate in not attracting any trolls. As well as being able to hit on articles that are relative to how the world turns. Even  though this blog has its dose of negative spin, our readers have been able to take in the information, without being overtaken by it. No Ostriches burying their heads in the sand here.

What I would like to do in the future (The Gods of WordPress willing), is evolve this site to a four column site with a side bar. This will enable the reader the ablility to glance through a larger number of headlines quicker. Create a main page seperate from the articles, that can be linked as a primary. This main page we will also use to link some of the best news sources in the web.

I will keep the primary article page free of any high dpi images, for easy loading for those without Cable modems or DSL.

I also have about 60 more archived Health Research Reports of research that has been passed over by the world, the past few years….These will continue to be posted and interlaced with current news. Readers will continue to be dismayed by what has been ignored by industrial news pools….

We could probably solve the entire worlds health crisis, just by incorporating current unbiased knowledge. In fact, not probably but definitely….

I mainly posted this though to say Thank You for having faith in this site, and taking the time to encourage me to expand this little humble Blog even further….

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