Engineering Evil Notes: Caution with Reddit Posting

Moderator Notes: Censored Reddit Alien

Please be cautious in regards to posting on Reddit. Their rules for spam are so loose and disorganized, that any articles that may offend anyone for any reason,  Can have your account zero point banned. Which will result in your reddit account as well as your IP address  being  Shadow banned . Reddit does not appear to have any valid venues for dispute as well. Whether you purchase Reddit Gold or not, there will be no warning as well as appeal.

As some may discover that just a few individuals can mold the entire discourse and sentiment of the reddit community. This unofficial form of censorship, no longer validates reddit, in my view as a newsworthy source. In a very crude way, it primary focus appears to be no more than a venue for crude humor, and access to porn for adolescents.

My only hypothesis is, that through its parent companies they are trying to expand into countries where censorship is common. Therefore by utilizing a chaotic free for all spam based reporting system, they can freely censor information that may jeopardize that goal. This will create more or less narrow based caste blog.

If you have a reddit account or IP address that you value….Please do not post with it from this site. If However, you would like  play around with it to test this hypothesis, please let me know. 😉

* Oh also…Leaving the reddit share button in place…Only because some of our members would like to see who can be banned from reddit the fastest…(Not by commenting, trolling, or giving a thumbs down..Only Article Submission..Thems be the rules)

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