Chinese architect defends ‘phallic’ £154m skyscraper

Critics say the new People’s Daily headquarters in Beijing resembles a   super-sized phallus but its designer argues that “unexpected   interpretations” are part of architecture’s beauty   The new office building of People’s Daily newspaper  Photo: REX FEATURES By Tom Phillips,… Read More ›

China builds second aircraft carrier

Navy has a single carrier, the Russian-built Liaoning, and says another larger vessel is under construction  Reuters in Shanghai,              Wednesday 24 April 2013 00.23 EDT China’s first aircraft carrier, the Soviet-era Liaoning. Photograph: Str/AFP/Getty Images China will build… Read More ›

Obama campaign ‘may have violated federal election law by allowing foreign donors to funnel in cash via its website’: 68 percent foreign traffic (site was was bought by an Obama bundler in Shanghai, China)

By Toby Harnden In Washington PUBLISHED:17:00 EST, 8  October 2012| UPDATED:17:29 EST, 8 October 2012 A new report on foreign influences in  American elections by the conservative Government Accountability Institute (GAI)  has raised questions over whether the Obama campaign has… Read More ›