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Christie bodyguard arrested for shoplifting gun accessories while he begged police to drop the charge ‘out of professional courtesy…all as he wore a stolen hat’

Trooper William Carvounis, 35, is accused of stealing nearly $300 in merchandise from a Tilden Township, Pennsylvania Cabela’s store Jan. 8 Police say surveillance footage reveals Carvounis slipped items into his pockets and even tore a price tag from his hat as he tried leaving the store According […]

A touchscreen that knows how you feel

19:35 12 October 2012   Hal Hodson, technology reporter   The touchscreens on tablets and smartphones make the devices easy for one person to interact with, but what happens when there is more than one user?   Touchscreens can’t tell your fingers from anyone else’s, but that’s set […]

Outrage as Pennsylvania high school marching band commemorates 1917 Russian Revolution at half time

By Daily Mail Reporter PUBLISHED:07:56 EST, 25  September 2012| UPDATED:08:12 EST, 25 September 2012 A Pennsylvania high school marching band has  caused outrage by commemorating the Russian Revolution in a halftime performance  – brandishing red flags, military  uniforms, hammers and sickles. Historians and parents of students at New […]