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Who owns the Moon?

Friday, 10 January 2014 A planetary scientist has said there is a case for developing a United Nations treaty about the moon, which currently states it cannot be owned. No one legally owns the moon but there is a case for developing the law as space exploration continues, […]

Proposed federal legislation targets 32 US states that retain laws making it illegal to not declare HIV status to sexual partners

New bill seeks to repeal outdated state HIV discrimination laws Dan Roberts in Washington theguardian.com,     Tuesday 10 December 2013 15.48 EST ProPublica’s study ound 541 cases over the last decade where people have been convicted of, or pleaded guilty to, criminal charges for not disclosing their HIV status. Photo: […]

Loopholes in health care law could result in employee harassment ? May choose not to hire people that do not carry their own insurance

  Photo courtesy              College of Law As firms grapple with the significant cost increases associated with the Affordable Care Act, the possibility emerges that employers would harass or retaliate against employees in order to avoid the law’s financial penalties, according to law professors Peter Molk (pictured) and […]

More on legal remedies for ghostwriting

In an Essay that expands on a previous proposal to use the courts to prosecute those involved in ghostwriting on the basis of it being legal fraud, Xavier Bosch from the University of Barcelona, Spain and colleagues lay out three outline specific areas of legal liability in this […]