European Central Bank

The ” Lagarde List “

Editor’s Note (Ralph Turchiano) Re-Post Request for cross reference HSBC and Panama files. Original Post date 28 October 2012 Engineering Evil : Authenticity Still Requires further verification Being on a List does not imply guilt Current Source Info: Zougla Keep Talking… Read More ›

France ends Austerity measures

  Tuesday, 07 May 2013 Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici says French austerity measures are at an end, instead opting for growth. This further complicates the strained relationship between the eurozone’s two largest economies. “We’re witnessing the end of the dogma… Read More ›

Money was already fleeing Cyprus while president fumbled bailout/ Bank of Cyprus — have units in London which remained open throughout the week and placed no limits on withdrawals

Annika Breidthardt, Luke Baker and Michele Kambas, Reuters | 13/03/26 | Last Updated: 13/03/26 1:26 PM ET More from Reuters Getty ImagesPeople withdraw money from Bank of Cyprus ATM’s  while employees gather outside the bank’s headquarters in Athens Friday. BRUSSELS/NICOSIA… Read More ›

Cyprus, Troika agree to 20% tax on deposits over 100,000 euros at Bank of Cyprus

EEV: Need 2n confirmation. This is the first story in   Published time: March 23, 2013 18:31     Edited time: March 23, 2013 19:20                                                                             Bank workers shout slogans during a protest outside Cyprus presidential palace in Nicosia on March 23,… Read More ›