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Common osteoporosis drug slows formation of new bone

Contact: Jenni Glenn Gingery jgingery@endo-society.org 301-941-0240 The Endocrine Society Study results suggest combination treatments may be needed to stop bone loss, fuel growth Chevy Chase, MD––Although the drug zoledronic acid slows bone loss in osteoporosis patients, it also boosts levels of a biomarker that stops bone formation, according […]

Osteoporosis Drugs, Reduce Fracture Risk by ONLY 0.9% according to studies

Contact: Emma Dickinson edickinson@bmj.com 44-020-738-36529 BMJ-British Medical Journal Value of drugs for pre-osteoporosis exaggerated Drugs for pre-osteoporosis: Prevention or disease-mongering? Public release date: 17-Jan-2008 A series of recent scientific publications have exaggerated the benefits and underplayed the harms of drugs to treat pre-osteoporosis or “osteopenia” potentially encouraging treatment […]