The U.S. Global Fund for Aids Transfers 100’s of Millions of USD to the Russian and Chinese Governments

After this Global Aids Day Conference,  I  noticed  large  sums  of money going into the “U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief” . There are two Red Flags that need cleaning up.

  1. In order to determine which companies are profiting from this U.S. Government charitable  organization. We would need to go to see who the Donor list is….
  2. So we follow the link Contributions to the Global Fund:
  3. Then we click on the list:
  4. At this point in  time we have a broken link. Which I find surprising with all these public commitments to donate.

Next Let us see who is actually getting the Grant Money:

For this we go to:

Download Grant Data

Then from there we go to:

Individual Disbursements

While there are some worthy organizations receiving grant money.

I would like you to take notice of the 100’s of millions of USD going to Russian and China…. Countries in far better financial shape than the U.S.

I am not here to speculate, nor form a hypothesis. All I see is an Inconsistency that requires clarification

* Keep in mind the U.S. is the largest Contributor to the Global Fund..Even though we can’t find the documentation, it is through their verbal statements..

Ralph Turchiano

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