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China warns Canada “Business is business. It should not be politicized,” in China’s Takeover over of Canadian Oil

China envoy warns Canada against politicizing Nexen deal Posted 2012/09/22 at 11:26 am EDT TORONTO, Sep. 22, 2012 (Reuters) — China’s ambassador to Canada warned in remarks published on Saturday against allowing domestic politics to drive the Canadian government’s decision on whether to approve Chinese state-owned oil company […]

Outcry over jailed Russian chemist

Narcotics expert Olga Zelenina falsely accused of aiding drug trafficking, say supporters. Quirin Schiermeier 21 September 2012 For Olga Nikolaevna Zelenina, a Kafkaesque nightmare has come true. The Russian chemist stands accused of complicity in organized drug trafficking, and is currently imprisoned in Moscow’s detention centre number 6, where […]

Revolutionary life saving Palantir software denied to the 3rd Infantry Division because of Red tape. Even though the company offered its technology on a cost-free basis

Army Investigating 3rd Infantry Division’s Acquisition of Controversial Intel Software Sep. 20, 2012 – 06:16AM   | By PAUL MCLEARY An Aug. 16 email from the Army’s acting assistant secretary for acquisition, Heidi Shyu, demanded “immediate corrective action” after she discovered that the 3rd Infantry Division had attempted to […]

New Philippines law bans ‘cybersex’

By Stephen C. Webster Wednesday, September 19, 2012 13:01 EDT Topics: EFF ♦ electronic frontier foundation ♦ New Philippines law bans The president of the Philippines signed a cyber crime bill into law on Tuesday that, much to the chagrin of Internet freedom activists, outlaws “cybersex,” bans “unsolicited […]

Can we engineer love and morality?

By RICHARD WEIKART      The Modesto Bee Published: Sunday, Sep. 16, 2012 –  1:00 am   Recently Oxford philosophy professor Julian Savulescu moved his campaign for “moral enhancement” out of the ivory tower and into the mainstream. This month Reader’s Digest is carrying his article, “It’s Our Duty to […]

The government was mum when China’s heir apparent Xi Jinping went missing, and political jitters persist now that he’s reappeared. How many scandals can the leadership take?

Is China Losing It? Sep 16, 2012 4:45 AM EDT This year has been Beijing’s annus horribilis. The Chinese regime has been pummeled by a steady stream of political controversies, purges and rumor mongering, made all the more nerve-wracking because a once-in-a-decade succession is due to kick off […]

Malware being installed on computers in factories, warns Microsoft : ” found forged versions of Windows on all the machines “

Researchers find malware pre-installed on brand new computers bought in China Associated Press,   Friday 14 September 2012 07.41 EDT Microsoft investigator David Anselmi shows how malware can wind up on consumer computers. Photograph: Elaine Thompson/AP Criminals are installing malware on PCs before they leave the factory, according to […]

‘The Americans are our worst enemies’: Doctor who helped lead U.S. to bin Laden says Pakistan spy agency lists America as greatest foes and ‘maintains relations just to extract billions in aid’

Dr Shakil  Afridi says Pakistan’s ISI intelligence agency calls the U.s. it’s worst  enemy He was  sentenced to 33 years in prison in June Dr Afridi  helped the U.S. by setting up a fake vaccination programme that allowed him to  collect DNA from bin Laden’s children Pakistan  suffered […]

France’s socialist president set to unveil unprecedented austerity plan: 75-percent tax on income exceeding one million euros

By Agence France-Presse Sunday, September 9, 2012 12:09 EDT PARIS — France’s Socialist President Francois Hollande was due to announce on Sunday unprecedented belt-tightening measures of billions of euros amid mounting discontent over the flagging economy and job cuts. Hollande, whoe popularity ratings have taken a dive less […]

Are restrictions to scientific research costing lives? ” doctors and researchers are denied full access “

Contact: Katie Baker 020-732-48719 SAGE Publications Are restrictions to scientific research costing lives? London, UK (05 September 2012) – In ‘Censors on Campus’, Index on Censorship asks whether lives might be saved by making vital research freely available. As malaria expert Bart Knols argues, in some parts […]

Samsung accused of exploiting younger workers in China

Workers barred from sitting during shifts and some suffer physical and verbal abuse, alleges China Labor Watch Charles Arthur and agencies,             Wednesday 5 September 2012 11.04 EDT A Samsung production line in South Korea. The electronics company is accused of exploiting workers in China. Photograph: Choi […]

BP executives sought to blame “blue collar rig workers”: U.S.: “”This was a decision designed to ensure that the public and legal lines of accountability would be focused exclusively on blue collar rig workers and other contractor/defendants – but at all cost, not upon BP management and the inexplicable behaviors that coursed through the pages” of the internal BP emails.”

By David IngramPosted 2012/09/06 at 7:25 pm EDT WASHINGTON, Sep. 6, 2012 (Reuters) — BP executives wanted to concentrate blame for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster on “blue collar rig workers” in order to save themselves, U.S. government lawyers wrote in a court document that until Thursday […]

Little evidence of health benefits from organic foods,…Stanford Institution Fails to List Conflict of Interest (COI) in Meta analysis: Claimed Pesticide Laden Crops are Organic

Contact: Michelle Brandt 650-723-0272 Stanford University Medical Center STANFORD, Calif. — You’re in the supermarket eyeing a basket of sweet, juicy plums. You reach for the conventionally grown stone fruit, then decide to spring the extra $1/pound for its organic cousin. You figure you’ve just made the […]

Christians should ‘leave their beliefs at home or get another job’:” such as wearing a cross, means they might have to resign and get another job, government lawyers have said”

Christians should leave their religious beliefs at home or accept that a personal expression of faith at work, such as wearing a cross, means they might have to resign and get another job, government lawyers have said. Nadia Eweida Photo: Heathcliff O’Malley   By Bruno Waterfield, Strasbourg 12:59PM […]

Witch hunts targeted by grassroots women’s groups: Yes, Actual Witch Hunts ( India )

Contact:   Andy Henion, Media Communications, Office: (517) 355-3294, Cell: (517) 281-6949,; Soma Chaudhuri, Sociology, Office: (517) 353-0874, Published: Sept. 04, 2012   EAST LANSING, Mich. — Witch hunts are common and sometimes deadly in the tea plantations of Jalpaiguri, India. But a surprising source – […]