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What those guys are doing to make Universal Culling, oh excuse me Health Care a more efficient process….

Botox affects the ability to read emotions

Public Release: 12-May-2016 Emotions in the age of Botox Aesthetic treatments based on botulin toxin affect the perception of emotions International School of Advanced Studies (SISSA) By now we are all used to seeing its more or less successful results on Italian and international celebrities, but in fact […]

Common antacid linked to accelerated vascular aging

Public Release: 10-May-2016   Research supports observations of increased risk for heart disease, dementia and kidney disease Houston Methodist Chronic use of some drugs for heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux (GERD) speeds up the aging of blood vessels, according to a published paper in Circulation Research (early online), an […]

Acid reflux misdiagnosed 90% of the time in babies

Public Release: 2-May-2016 Even doctors get confused about reflux disease in babies New study shows that clinical symptoms are only rarely validated by the gold-standard reflux test Thomas Jefferson University (PHILADELPHIA) – Millions of Americans currently use medication for their indigestion and reflux, so it may come as […]

Current cancer drug discovery method flawed: Study

“findings cast doubt on methods used by the entire scientific enterprise and pharmaceutical industry to discover new cancer drugs. “ Public Release: 2-May-2016   Vanderbilt researchers develop new approach to assess drug sensitivity in cells Vanderbilt University Medical Center The primary method used to test compounds for anti-cancer […]

Emotion detector

Public Release: 27-Apr-2016   Facial expression recognition to improve learning, gaming Inderscience Publishers A computer algorithm that can tell whether you are happy or sad, angry or expressing almost any other emotion would be a boon to the games industry. New research published in the International Journal of […]

The first happiness genes have been located

Public Release: 25-Apr-2016   Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam scientists have found a genetic overlap between happiness and depression   For the first time in history, researchers have isolated the parts of the human genome that could explain the differences in how humans experience happiness. These are the findings of […]

Vegetables irrigated with treated wastewater expose consumers to drugs

Public Release: 18-Apr-2016   Hebrew University and Hadassah Medical Center researchers show the link between exposure to pharmaceutical contaminants and consumption of fresh produce grown in reclaimed wastewater-irrigated soil The Hebrew University of Jerusalem   IMAGE: Research showed that healthy individuals who consumed reclaimed wastewater-irrigated produce excreted carbamazepine […]

China punishes 357 officials over vaccine scandal

Source: Xinhua | 2016-04-14 01:04:37 | Editor: huaxia BEIJING, April 13 (Xinhua) — The State Council has announced that 357 officials implicated in cases concerning the illegal sale of improperly stored vaccines would be penalized. They will face punishments including losing their jobs or demotion, according to a […]

Physicians Lack knowledge about FDA approval standards for ‘breakthrough therapy’

73 percent incorrectly believed FDA approval meant comparable effectiveness to other approved drugs; 70 percent incorrectly believed approval required both a statistically significant and clinically important effect. Among the 3 breakthrough knowledge questions, 52 percent incorrectly believed that strong evidence (randomized trials) is needed to earn the breakthrough […]

The 8 Assertions of Scientific Misconduct by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation – Full 45 Page (FOIA) Document from the University of British Colombia’s Lucija Tomljenovic, PhD

Editor’s Note (Ralph Turchiano) Requested Repost from March 2011 BSEM March 2011 The Health Hazards of Disease Prevention The vaccination policy and the Code of Practice of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI): are they at odds? Lucija Tomljenovic, PhD Neural Dynamics Research Group, Dept. of […]

Vaccine scandal places media under spotlight

  Source:Global Times Published: 2016-3-28 20:13:01 How did the 2 million improperly stored vaccines circulate into the market, and where have all of them gone? It has been reported that those spoiled vaccines have been distributed in China for over 5 years. Why didn’t anyone notice it earlier? […]

Boost fundraising with something simple: Sandpaper

Public Release: 25-Mar-2016   Society for Consumer Psychology Not getting enough charitable donations? Try having people to touch sandpaper before you ask for money. A new study shows that touching rough surfaces triggers the emotion of empathy, which motivates people to donate to non-profit organizations. “We found that […]

China police arrest 37 over vaccine scandal

  Source: Xinhua   2016-03-23 02:12:33 JINAN, March 23 (Xinhua) — Police in east China’s Shandong Province have detained 37 suspects implicated in a vaccine scandal that has shocked the nation and raised questions over vaccine safety. Shandong police announced last month that they had arrested a mother and […]

Tracing the scent of fear

“a new technique that uses specially-engineered viruses to uncover the nerve pathway involved” Public Release: 21-Mar-2016 Study identifies neurons, brain region involved in rodent stress response Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center SEATTLE – The odor of bobcat urine, if you ever get a chance to take a whiff, […]

Woman Who Used J&J Products Awarded $72M

  By JOE HARRIS       ST. LOUIS (CN) – An Alabama woman’s family was awarded $72 million by a St. Louis jury Monday night on her claims that she developed ovarian cancer through the longtime use of Johnson & Johnson baby powder and other talc-based products.     Jacqueline Fox, […]