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Active ingredients in marijuana found to spread and prolong pain : Transforms transient normal pain into persistent chronic pain

2009 study posted for filing Contact: Jim Kelly 409-772-8791 University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston Research has implications for medical use of drug and concepts of chronic pain GALVESTON, Texas — Imagine that you’re working on your back porch, hammering in a nail. Suddenly you slip […]

Prenatal exposure to environmental pollutants affect a child’s intelligence quotient or IQ : polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

2009 study posted for filing   July 20, 2009 — Prenatal exposure to environmental pollutants known as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) can adversely affect a child’s intelligence quotient or IQ, according to new research by the the Columbia Center for Children’s Environmental Health (CCCEH) at the Mailman School […]

Pesticide levels in blood linked to Parkinson’s disease, UT Southwestern researchers find

2009 study posted for filing Contact: Aline McKenzie 214-648-3404 UT Southwestern Medical Center DALLAS – July 13, 2009 – People with Parkinson’s disease have significantly higher blood levels of a particular pesticide than healthy people or those with Alzheimer’s disease, researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center have […]

CDC Wants Safety Threat Information on Goose Flu

WASHINGTON (CN) – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention request information and comments to questions on a highly contagious “goose” variant of avian influenza H5N1 viruses. The viruses contain a hemagglutinin from the Goose/Guangdong/1/96 lineage. The CDC, among other questions, asks about “their potential to pose a […]

Study finds autistics better at problem-solving

2009 study posted for filing Contact: Sylvain-Jacques Desjardins 514-343-7593 University of Montreal University of Montreal and Harvard University research in Human Brain Mapping This release is available in French. Montreal, June 16, 2009 — Autistics are up to 40 percent faster at problem-solving than non-autistics, according to […]

What we know and don’t know about fungal meningitis outbreak: incubation period from exposure to disease could be up to six months

Contact: Megan Hanks 215-351-2656 American College of Physicians Physician at the forefront of 2002 meningitis outbreak shares lessons learned: Without regulations ‘this will surely happen again’ In a new perspective piece being published Online First tonight in Annals of Internal Medicine, a physician recalls lessons learned from […]

100 reasons to change the way we think about genetics : Epigenetic inheritance passed down through generations not all through DNA

2009 study posted for filing Contact: Kevin Stacey 773-834-0386 University of Chicago Press Journals Article reviews evidence for epigenetic inheritance in wide range of species For years, genes have been considered the one and only way biological traits could be passed down through generations of organisms. Not […]

The new ‘epigenetics:’ Poor nutrition in the womb causes permanent genetic changes in the offspring

2009 study posted for filing Contact: Cody Mooneyhan 301-634-7104 Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology New research study in the FASEB Journal explains how poor maternal nutrition passes health risk across generations The new science of epigenetics explains how genes can be modified by the environment, […]

Aspirin and similar drugs may be associated with brain microbleeds in older adults: Causes amyloid accumulation often related to Alzheimer’s disease

2009 study posted for filing Contact: Monique M.B. Breteler, M.D., Ph.D. JAMA and Archives Journals Individuals who take aspirin or other medications that prevent blood clotting by inhibiting the accumulation of platelets appear more likely to have tiny, asymptomatic areas of bleeding in the brain, according to […]

Study shows California’s autism increase not due to better counting, diagnosis: seven- to eight-fold increase in the number children born in California with autism since 1990

2009 study posted for filing Contact: Phyllis Brown 916-734-9023 University of California – Davis Health System (SACRAMENTO, Calif.) — A study by researchers at the UC Davis M.I.N.D. Institute has found that the seven- to eight-fold increase in the number children born in California with autism since […]

Obese kids’ artery plaque similar to middle-aged adults

Contact: AHA News Media Staff Office 504-670-6524 American Heart Association Abstract 6077; this abstract is also featured in a news conference The neck arteries of obese children and teens look more like those of 45-year-olds, according to research presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2008. […]

New pathogen epidemic identified in sub-Saharan Africa : non-Typhoidal Salmonella up to 45% mortality rate

Public release date: 30-Sep-2012 Contact: Aileen Sheehy 0044-012-234-96928 Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Researchers track the spread of human invasive non-Typhoidal Salmonella in sub-Saharan Africa A new study out today (Sunday 30 September) reveals that the emergence and spread of a rapidly evolving invasive intestinal disease, that has […]

‘They’re selling time bombs’: Scientists reveal how baths sends users crazy with ingredient ingredient that is ten times stronger than cocaine

By Daily Mail Reporter PUBLISHED:10:35 EST, 23 September 2012| UPDATED:11:26 EST, 23 September 2012   As lethal bath salts continue to take young lives, researchers have discovered the shocking strength of a key ingredient that leaves users struggling with the after effects for days. MDPV, commonly found in […]

Nano-safety studies urged in China

Exposure surveys and stronger regulations are required for the industry to thrive, researchers say. Jane Qiu 18 September 2012 Beijing Nanomaterials, such as carbon nanotubes, are coming under safety scrutiny in China.PASIEKA/SPL Here is a recipe for anxiety: take China’s poorly enforced chemical-safety regulations, add its tainted record […]

The pandemic potential of H9N2 avian influenza viruses

Re-Post for Filing 2008 Contact: Beth Cavanaugh Public Library of Science Since their introduction into land-based birds in 1988, H9N2 avian influenza A viruses have caused multiple human infections and become endemic in domestic poultry in Eurasia. This particular influenza subtype has been evolving and acquiring characteristics […]

Pathogen that causes disease in cattle also associated with Crohn’s disease: Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis

For File 2008 Contact: Jim Sliwa 202-942-9297 American Society for Microbiology Research urgently needed to evaluate potential risks to humans People with Crohn’s disease (CD) are seven-fold more likely to have in their gut tissues the bacterium that causes a digestive-tract disease in cattle called Johne’s disease. […]

The epigenetics of increasing weight through the generations ” resulting in amplification of obesity across generations “

Re-Post from 2008 Contact: Dipali Pathak 713-798-4710 Baylor College of Medicine Overweight mothers give birth to offspring who become even heavier, resulting in amplification of obesity across generations, said Baylor College of Medicine researchers in Houston who found that chemical changes in the ways genes are expressed […]

Heroin users warned after second anthrax death

Hospitals and walk-in clinics across the UK warned to expect further cases after second drug user dies in Blackpool Amelia Hill, Monday 10 September 2012 12.35 EDT Anthrax bacteria: drug users may become infected when injecting, smoking or snorting heroin contaminated with spores. Photograph: Smc Images/Getty Images A […]