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I have a strong affinity for the sciences which led me to create my sites. My compulsion for the past decade has been reviewing literally every peer-reviewed research article. Which can easily be validated by following my posts. To me, science is where the real news is, as it will mold our destiny beyond that of politics or economics. ;-)

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Optimal Omega-3 intake to reduce CVD risk

Optimal Omega-3 intake to reduce CVD risk Optimal Omega-3 intake to reduce CVD risk A dose–response analysis based on 58 placebo‐controlled trials estimated that each 1 g/d increase of marine omega‐3 reduced triglyceride levels by 5.9 mg/dL and such linear association did not plateau even at 7 g/d […]


陳教授的團隊進行實驗,比較小鼠感染不同細菌菌株和不同細菌劑量後的存活率。測試菌株分別是從病人身上分離出來的變棲克雷伯菌15WZ-82、典型的ST11耐碳青霉烯類抗生素的肺炎克雷伯菌14WZ-24、高毒性的ST11耐碳青霉烯類肺炎克雷伯菌(即是帶有15WZ-82毒力質粒的)14WZ-24-TC1、作為高毒力對照的HvKP4和HvKP1088,以及作為低毒力對照的FJ8。 從圖a(細菌劑量較高)可見,小鼠感染15WZ-82菌株120小時後死亡率達80%,感染HvKP4的小鼠則96小時後全部死亡,顯示變棲克雷伯菌15WZ-82的毒力雖然低於HvKP4,但遠高於典型的ST11耐碳青霉烯類肺炎克雷伯菌14WZ-24。 從圖b(%… Source: 陳教授的團隊進行實驗,比較小鼠感染不同細菌菌株和不同細菌劑量後的存活率。

Lowest-paid workers have longest retirements

The study examined the length of time between stopping work and dying among people in England and Wales born before 1951. It found that people in ‘unskilled’ occupations lived the longest after retiring, while professional workers — the other end of the social scale — had the shortest […]

Earthquakes can be predicted five days ahead

An international team of researchers, which includes physicists from HSE University and the RAS Space Research Institute (IKI), have discovered that, with an impending earthquake, the parameters of internal gravity waves (IGWs) can change five days before a seismic event. This data can help experts develop short-term earthquake […]

Human medicines affect fish behavior

Human medicines that act on important signal systems in the brain make fish bolder, shows a new study on three-spined sticklebacks by researchers at Linköping University, Sweden. The results reinforce that the signal substances serotonin and dopamine play important roles in behavioral differences between individuals. Further, it shows […]

The 7 types of sugar daddy relationships

University of Colorado Denver researcher looks inside 48 sugar daddy relationships to better understand the different types of dynamics, break down the typical stereotype(s) and better understand how these relationships work in the United States. She discovered 7 different types of ‘sugaring’ relationships through in-depth interviews also discovering […]