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Ralph Turchiano

In short, I review clinical research on an almost daily basis. What I post tends to be articles that are relevant to the readers in addition to some curiosities that have intriguing potential.

As a hobby, I truly enjoy the puzzle-solving play that statistics and programming as in the python language bring to the table. I just do not enjoy problem-solving, I love problem-solving and the childlike inspiration and exploration of that innocent exhilaration of discovering something new.

Enjoy ;-)

Roche under investigation by UK watchdogs

Drug giant probed for not disclosing 15,000 patient death reports: Roche under investigation by UK watchdogs after 80,000 ‘adverse reactions‘ By Jo Macfarlane PUBLISHED:16:48 EST, 7 July 2012 | UPDATED:08:20 EST, 8 July 2012 One of the world’s biggest drug companies is at the centre of an urgent […]

Overdiagnosis poses significant threat to human health

International conference: Preventing Overdiagnosis Overdiagnosis poses a significant threat to human health by labeling healthy people as sick and wasting resources on unnecessary care, warns Ray Moynihan, Senior Research Fellow at Bond University in Australia, in a feature published on today. The feature comes as an international […]

More on legal remedies for ghostwriting

In an Essay that expands on a previous proposal to use the courts to prosecute those involved in ghostwriting on the basis of it being legal fraud, Xavier Bosch from the University of Barcelona, Spain and colleagues lay out three outline specific areas of legal liability in this […]

Are diet soft drinks bad for you?

New study finds potential link between daily consumption of diet soft drinks and risk of vascular events Individuals who drink diet soft drinks on a daily basis may be at increased risk of suffering vascular events such as stroke, heart attack, and vascular death. This is according to […]

Glucosamine causes the death of pancreatic cells

EEV: Repost 2010 Study, that slipped past our prior research reports Contact: Jean-François Huppé 418-656-7785 Université Laval This release is available in French. Quebec City, October 27, 2010—High doses or prolonged use of glucosamine causes the death of pancreatic cells and could increase the risk of developing […]

Radioactive cheese grater case shows lack of oversight

Who is in charge of protecting Americans from products made from radioactively tainted metal? The answer: No one. Officials with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, […]

JAMA editor-in-chief comments on Pfizer lawsuit

In an editorial published early online today, JAMA Editor-in-Chief Catherine D. DeAngelis, M.D., M.P.H., and JAMA Editorial Counsel Joseph P. Thornton, J.D., write about a recent court ruling regarding litigation involving JAMA and the Archives of Internal Medicine (AIM) “that significantly threatened the integrity of our peer review […]

A Common Microbe Could Help To Trigger Alzheimers

  A COMMON microbe could help to trigger Alzheimer’s disease, say researchers in the US. If true, their controversial claim could turn the multimillion-dollar field of Alzheimer’s research on its head and force a rethink on how to prevent the disease. The microbe in question is Chlamydia pneumoniae, […]