Who will win if India-China go to war: Here is how military might stacks up – Oneindia

In this context it would be interesting to see which country has more military might. In terms of manpower China has 1.6 million active troops in comparison to the 1.3 India has.

Global Fire Power a military data website says that the PLA has 6,457 tanks as opposed to the 44.26 India has. India leads in the case of Armoured Fighting Vehicles. India owns 6,704 AFVs while China has 4,788 AFVs. In the case of Self propelled artillery, India has 290 while China has 1,710. In the towered artillery department, India has 7,414 while China has 6,246.

Air Force In this department China is a stronger force. It has 1,271 aircrafts when compared to the 676 that India possesses. In the case of transport aircraft India has more than China with 857. China has 782. China has over 1,100 helicopters, with 206 attack helicopters, India has 666 helicopters and just 16 attack choppers.

Navy: China has 283 surface combatant warships. This is four times more than what India possesses says an analysis done by IndiaSpend. India incidentally was first in Asia to possess an aircraft carrier.

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