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Churches face serious terror threats in Turkey, where hate speech against Christians in social and conventional media has increased and Church figures are being deported, according to the country’s Association of Protestant Churches.

The findings come in a Human Rights Violations report for 2016, which especially highlighted hate speech incidents around Christmas and New Year’s Eve, conveyed through billboard advertisements, posters, leaflets, and online.

According to the report, Protestant religious officials have been handled by the government as a “threat against national security” and some have been deported.

Anteb church leader Patric Jansen was not allowed to enter Turkey on August 26, 2016 because he was regarded by officials as a “threat against national security”.

Andrew Craig Brunson, the leader of İzmir Resurrection Church, was detained to be deported and kept in a repatriation centre for 64 days. His request to leave the country voluntarily was denied and was again arrested on December 9.

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