“British Army Could Be Wiped Out By Russia In An Afternoon” | Forces TV


Britain’s ability to “deliver and sustain” an effective fighting force in the face of a “competent” enemy like Russia has been “effectively removed”, according to the Army’s think-tank.

A paper from the Centre for Historical Analysis and Conflict Research (CHACR), seen by the Sunday Times, says defence cuts have caused the “hollowing out or deletion of the Army’s deployed capabilities”.

It also warns that the danger of its one fighting division being wiped out in an afternoon will “weigh heavily” on commanders.

The paper, which was put together by serving and retired army officers and academics after two days of seminars last summer, said there are “a few plausible scenarios” which would see Britain dragged into a war after an attack on another country, despite there not being an “immediate risk of a direct attack by a foreign state”. It continued:

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  1. LOL! Forget about only one fighting division being wiped out weighing heavy on Commanders…..how about all of Britain being wiped out? Russia has fighter jets and subs which could totally decimate Britain in under five minutes. No Russian boots on the ground and no shots fired.

    Russia has more persons serving in the military than even the USA…..just think how many more serve in the US Military than serve in Britain.

    Maybe those British Army think tanks better think again with some real information on Russia’s capabilities!