Obama has made life WORSE for young people: The ‘Youth Misery Index’ has risen by 36% to its highest point in history since he entered office Read more: Daily Mail Online

  • Young America’s Foundation releases annual Youth Misery Index
  • Index shows all-time high in student debt and youth unemployment
  • When Obama took office in 2009, the index stood at 83.5
  • The latest index spiked 29.9 points to 113.4
  • Another poll shows youths have pessimistic view of Trump’s presidency 

Millennials who have just completed college believe that they are worse off now than they were before Barack Obama entered the White House, a new poll found on Tuesday.

Young America’s Foundation said that its annual Youth Misery Index found that millennials are saddled with more debt and have less job opportunities than they did eight years ago.

‘Over the course of Obama’s presidency, the YMI has spiked an alarming 29.9 points, an increase of 36 percent,’ the group said.

‘Young Americans, a generation that provided critical support to the President in 2008 and 2012, have slogged through the last eight years, and will be chained to its impact on their futures for years to come,’ it continued.

‘The youth unemployment rate is almost 15 percent and the average student in the class of 2016 graduated with a record $37,000 in student loan debt.’

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