‘WE MUST TAKE REVENGE’ China calls for WAR with Australia after it opposed Beijing’s territory claims in the South China Sea


State-run newspaper vows that ‘paper cat’ Aussies must now ‘learn its lesson’


3rd August 2016, 10:09 am

A CHINESE state-run newspaper has vowed to wreak “revenge” on “paper tiger” Australia in a stinging attack.

The Global Times vowed that the Aussies would “learn their lesson” after supporting an international judgement over China‘s vast claims to the South China Sea.

Referring to Australia as a “paper cat” it mocks the former British penal colony as a “delirious country” with an “inglorious history”.

The ruling came as China tries to strengthen its claims in the South China Sea by building giant man-made islands

Pulling no punches, the editorial adds: “It was at first an offshore prison of the UK and then became its colony, a source of raw materials, overseas market and land of investment.

“This country was established through uncivilised means, in a process filled with the tears of the aboriginals.”

China was enraged last month when an international court ruling dismissed its right to large areas of the vast South China Sea.

The Chinese face competing claims from regional neighbours such as The Philippines and Vietnam over the area’s vast oil and fishing reserves.

China has no legal basis for claiming it owns huge parts of the South China Sea, The Hague rules

But a ruling at The Hague rejected the claims prompting fury in Beijing.

And Australia’s decision to support the judgement riled the newspaper – which is closely aligned with China’s ruling class.

Worryingly, it described Australia as “an ideal target for China to warn and strike” and added “China must take revenge and Australia knows it is wrong”.

It continued: “Australia has unexpectedly made itself a pioneer of hurting China’s interest with a fiercer attitude than countries directly involved in the South China Sea dispute.

“But this paper cat won’t last.”

And not long after joint military drills with the Russian navy were announced in the area, which is also claimed by countries including The Philippines and Vietnam

It finally dismisses Aussie motives as “trying to please the US”.

The fiery rhetoric mirrors that of the Chinese government, which branded the ruling last month as a “pack of lies” with the potential to create a “cradle of war”.

Vowing the disregard to judgement it was called “a piece of paper that is destined to come to naught”.

In an immediate show of strength, the Chinese navy announced military drills with their Russian counterparts in the region.

While its warships fired LIVE MISSILES in a worrying display of aggression on Monday.

Announcing the manoeuvres a military spokesman warned they were in preparation for a “cruel and short” war.