Turkish Higher Board of Education bans all academics from travelling abroad – Edrogan takes a page from Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge regime

Turkey launches massive dismissal in key organs over coup purge

ANKARA, July 20 (Xinhua) — A total of 30 senior staff of Turkish Parliament have been dismissed from posts over suspected involvement in failed Gulenist coup attempt, pro-government media Daily Sabah reported Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Turkish Higher Board of Education on Wednesday bans all academics from travelling abroad, Turkish national TRT said in its news broadcast.

According to the local media report, 257 personnel of Turkish Prime Ministry and 245 employees of Youth and Sports Ministry were dismissed on Wednesday over the investigation of the failed coup attempt.

It added that a total of 15,200 employees from education ministry, 1,577 deans, 492 clerics, 8,800 police, 6,000 soldiers and 2,700 judges have been dismissed from their duties during the ongoing purge of President Erdogan and the Justice and development Party ruling government after the failed coup attempt.