Is Russia ‘mobilizing for war’ – shock warning


Society 16-06-2016 22:01

Vladimir Putin’s hardline regime is updating Russia’s military “on a large scale” in preparation for an apocalyptic showdown with NATO, Canada’s MI6 has warned.

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service said the West’s economic embargo of Russia is failing to stop Putin’s masterplan for a “Greater Russia”.

Canada is considering sending troops to join a NATO “super army” being assembled to protect Eastern Europe from invasion.

The report said Russia was upgrading its “conventional military” – meaning its army, navy and air force, as opposed to its spy network, cyber warfare capabilities and nuclear deterrent.

It said: “[Russia] is modernising conventional military capability on a large scale.

“The state is mobilising for war.”However, the country is also creating five new “nuclear missile regiments” and doubling rocket tests.

NATO is scrambling to counter the threat after a defence think tank warned Russia could overrun Eastern Europe in just 60 hours if war breaks out.

Russian warplanes have been testing UK defences by invading British spies.

And a Russian submarine was intercepted in the English Channel last week.