Americans endorsing Trump get in trouble, lose jobs…


Friday, 11 March 2016

The US election race is heating up. There is an interesting cast of characters running for president. For the purposes of this article, we’ll pretend  the GOP and Democrats are different political parties. Note: they won’t be so different if HC and TC are nominated, both are Goldman candidates just wearing different hats.

In the GOP field, we have Ted Cruz, satirically referred by SNL as Fat Dracula (making Romania proud!), Marco Polo (Rubio) who always seems thirsty, Ben Carson, we like him, how often do you see a neuro surgeon running for office, and finally Donald J Trump, the NY real estate mogul who is credited with bringing NY City back to life.

In the Democrat field, we have Bernie Sanders and Billary Clinton. 

Lets focus on the GOP field and in particularly on Donald Trump.

Trump has rewritten the way things are said and done in US presidential elections, probably forever. The man is born on June 14th, their national flag day, and according to people who know him for decades, he is a great American patriot.

He doesn’t use a teleprompter and speaks his mind, which is quite novel in US politics. He has stirred the American public because he discusses topics that no one is willing to discuss.

But what intrigued us the most about Trump is not Trump himself, rather what happens to American businessmen, athletes, actors who support him! We aren’t going to get into the corporate media who is 100% against Trump, perfect example being the Washington Post who ran 36 negative stories on Trump in 24 hours, which has got to be a record!

Here is a list of famous personalities who endorsed Trump and immediately got in trouble for doing so.

Mike Ditka, a famous NFL coach and popular broadcaster on ESPN, endorsed Trump and called Obama the worst president ever during a radio interview.  ESPN immediately removed him from a popular NFL show (Sunday NFL Countodwn) where he is one of the main analysts. The sports network would have been much more lenient if Ditka robbed a bank.

NASCAR boss Brian France endorsed Trump and showed up on his rally. The following day he received a phone call that he’ll be losing his corporate sponsors!

NFL QB Tom Brady endorsed Trump, the US corporate media went after him like vultures for two months. In the US there is free speech, but only if you’re in agreement or don’t question the status quo.

NJ Governor Chris Christie endorsed Trump, only to have the rest of the GOP establishment question his mental capacity. SC Governor Nikki Haley was quoted as saying that she can’t understand how can Christie do that. Do what, form his own opinion?

Just a fortnight ago, Hollywood legend Jon Voight endorsed Trump. We’ll see if he’ll be making a movie any time soon.

The examples are endless. People are losing their jobs, businesses, positions for endorsing Trump! When you publicly/privately bully and scare your citizens from voting for someone, then your elections are neither democratic or free.

At Trump rallies, both Dems and the GOP frequently send paid activists to cause disturbances, violent scenes which are then reported in the American corporate press as “rowdy Trump supporters causing problems”.

The American establishment went from underestimating and laughing at Trump to fearing him, breaking out in night sweats.

They fear all power and their relevance will vanish into thin air, which is what will happen if Trump becomes president.

Donors gave Jeb Bush an astonishing $120 million and he came in last.

We don’t know who is going to win, but we are putting our money on the Americans. You deserve better. You’ve been taken for a ride for far too long. //Gorazd Velkovski

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