Tetra-GX development

Editors Note; ( Ralph Turchiano) I apologize about posting this here; However, this is the best way to inform some of our older members that Tetra-GX has reached it’s preliminary stage of completion. This is a rare occurrence..

It took us about two years to get this product from design to shelf. We had to develop a product that could have the potential to have positive effects in regards to Gamma Radiation exposure. The market was flooded with alpha, and beta radiation assistance, but none for Gamma.

The next step will be getting ready for clinical tests. We are confident it should test well due to the extensive testing already done on Tetra-GX’s existing components.

The primary delays in development were due to quality assurance. We had to reject multiple batches of beta glucan because of poor assays. Therefore we were fortunate to get access to Wellmune, because of its reputation for being of of  the best quality and most heavily tested beta glucan available.

Then the next dilemma was setting the best by dates. On this first batch, we are short dating the batch for 2 years. After 2 years we will analyze the product for any degradation then set a new date accordingly.

We want to act on the side of caution, since the product was designed for military personnel, pilots, and others in environmentally hazardous conditions.

Even though the ingredients in the Tetra-GX are some of the most researched immune modulating substances found in clinicals. (ie. NCBI, PLOS, etc..)

We welcome comments from  industry professional and researchers. This is just a start, any areas of suggested refinement are vary much appreciated.

We will explain more in a back story, and history of product development soon. The details of the product even go down to the organic fillers we used because of enhanced absorption.


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