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Croatians and Serbians Mock Soros Owned Media

Editors Note: (Ralph Turchiano) Macedonian Press

Serbians and Croatians apparently have had it with Soros owned media in both countries. Used the social networks to attack the propaganda placed by Blic, RTB, Tanjug, B92… who became infamous for reporting on battles in Skopje, Tetovo during the Kumanovo incident. Today, Soros owned media lied that 60,000  protesters gathered to support the opposition in Skopje, which was mocked by everyone in both Serbia and Croatia.

Some of their comments are interesting to say the least, with sarcasm taking the lead. 

“Gruevski is one terrible dude, Macedonia has the strongest economy in Europe, and that’s just terrible!”….  “Macedonia’s economy is enough to raise the alarm in Washington, Americans don’t like countries who do well” ….

“The US should really not make it this obvious who is behind the protest” …. “100,000? I don’t see even 15,000 people here” …. “I don’t think these people know why they are there, the Government just won their elections overwhelmingly” …

“It looks the “opposition” is bothered that IMF predicted highest GDP growth for Macedonia +4.7%, compared to Serbia’s -0.5″…. “Look out Macedonia, the vultures did the same thing to Serbia, took down the Government by force, look at us now”… “We have terrible experience with the West, these protests are financed by them”…”60,000? who are you kidding?” It’s pretty obvious Foreign Government(s) is behind the failed protest”.

These are just some of the comments left in both Serbia and Croatia.  Samples of their comments are available below.

Billionaire George Soros owns 28 newsportals and TV stations just in the Balkans. Has de facto control of the English speaking propaganda machine, working in tandem with the CIA.

Us news giant Fox news has an interesting article of dozens of US journalists at over 30 leading newspapers being on Soros’ payroll and publishing propaganda in synchronicity – among which are (ABC News, NY Times, Seattle Times, CBS, NBC, NPR, San Francisco Times, Washington Post …). When you throw in the CIA involvement into the Western media (UK, US, Australian and British)… you’re likely to never get the truth, on any event. //Gorazd Velkovski













Slovenians didn’t see the protest favorable, pointed out ‘just another’ artificial colored revolution by the West. A scenario seen in Iraq, Lybia, Tunisia, Ukraine…


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