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BREAKING – IS to Declare Beginning of ‘Jihad Against America’

By: Anthony Kimery, Editor-in-Chief

08/08/2014 ( 4:40pm)

The Islamic State, formally the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, has yet to publish an official response to the US’s military strikes against it in Iraq, but sources close to the IS announced on Twitter Friday that IS leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi will shortly be issuing an announcement declaring the beginning of “jihad against America.”

“Pro-IS figures, on the other hand, began rallying over social media” immediately following President Obama’s announcement Thursday night that he authorized air strikes against IS to protect US interests and minority Christians and other religious groups threatened by the savage jihadist organization, said the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which monitors jihadist websites.

MEMRI said, “The Hashtag #Obama_announces_bombing_Islamic_State” (in Arabic) was used by pro-IS elements to respond to the announcement, and call to target American interests and people and to bring the war home.”

“Today is Mosul, tomorrow is Seattle,” wrote one individual on Twitter.

Following are some of the responses to the US’s decision to target the IS MEMRI found on Twitter.

@3kasha3 tweeted on August 8, 2014: “#Obama_announces_bombing_Islamic_State and the mujahideen respond: today Mosul and tomorrow Seattle. Say Allah Akbar oh Muslims, the bells of war have been sounded.”


In another tweet by @3kasha3, he wrote: “#Obama_announces_bombing_Islamic_State the Americans are entering a swamp [that has] no way out of it, [and which signals] the beginnings of the end of the oppressive Christian empire.”

@AsawirtiMedia, “who is a staunch supporter of the IS, published several tweets on the matter,” MEMRI. “He questioned, among other things, the timing of the US military intervention against the IS, and refuted the US’s claims of doing so for humanitarian reasons. Instead, he said, Kurdistan is home to US soldiers, operation rooms for the Sahawat (i.e. Sunni tribal forces that oppose the IS), and the CIA, and that ‘the liberation of Kurdistan [by the IS] means the liberation of Baghdad shortly thereafter.’”

@AsawirtiMedia also attributed the US attack against the IS to the endangerment of Israeli interests that are located in Kurdistan, MEMRI said.

“Among the most important reasons for the Crusader campaign against the Islamic State [is] the presence of Israeli companies in Irbil,” said @AsawirtiMedia on Friday.

@sabahanbari wrote, “More than 40 Western and Arab embassies and consulates are present in Irbil, in addition to tens of hundreds of oil companies and missionary churches… [all of which will become] booty [for] the [Islamic] State.”

@shaiba_alhamad, “another staunch IS supporter, asked his followers to adopt the Hashtag #AmessagefromISIStoUS, and to use it to issue threats to the US,” MEMRI said. “He also called for English-speakers to translate pro-IS tweets, including those instigating American Muslims to carry attacks inside the US.

“This [i.e. the English Hashtag] will be directed at Muslims in America, and will call on them to carry out operations that squander their [i.e. Americans] security, and obligates [American Muslims’] support for [this].”

@samarraly wrote, “I call on Muslims to target all American interests and American citizens, all of them without exception.”