NEED VALIDATION on false flag war – Set Up – with TURKEY and SYRIA


EEV: No way to validate the video currently. However the sex tape  ( maybe a decoy ) rumor is minor to a potential security leak of this scale. Please to not put any credence to this video, until there is valid confirmation.



English translation of recorded conversation between Turkish Foreign Minister, Chief of Intelligence, Deputy Chief of General Staff, and Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs about massive military aid to jihadist terrorists in Syria, black ops, and war plans to invade Syria, as well as the general disarray and goofiness in Erdogan’s Islamic dictatorship.

Erdogan and his corralled media have branded all those who distribute this video as traitors. That we are, traitors to his phenomenally profitable bribes and corruption business fueled by Gulf money that he reels in thanks to the heads he has chopped off in Syria.










Original brief post below from primary video

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan had blocked Twitter access to his nation ahead of what was rumored to be a “spectacular” leak before this weekend’s elections[/url]. Then this morning, amid a mad scramble, he reportedly (despite the nation’s court ruling the bans illegal) blocked

YouTube access.
However, by the magic of the interwebs, we have the ‘leaked’ clip and
it is clear why he wanted it blocked/banned. As the rough translation
explains, it purports to be a conversation between key Turkish
military and political leaders discussing what appears to be a false
flag attack to launch war with Syria.

Among the most damning sections:

Ahmet Davutolu: ?Prime Minister said that in current conjuncture, this attack (on Suleiman Shah Tomb) must be seen as an opportunity for us.?

Hakan Fidan: ?I?ll send 4 men from Syria, if that?s what it takes. I?ll make up a cause of war by ordering a missile attack on Turkey; we can also prepare an attack on Suleiman Shah Tomb if necessary.?

Feridun Sinirliolu: ?Our national security has become a common, cheap domestic policy outfit.?

Ya?ar G�ler: ?It?s a direct cause of war. I mean, what?re going to do is a direct cause of war.?

Feridun Sinirolu: There are some serious shifts in global and regional geopolitics. It now can spread to other places.
You said it yourself today, and others agreed? We?re headed to a
different game now. We should be able to see those. That ISIL and all
that jazz, all those organizations are extremely open to manipulation. Having a region made up of organizations of similar nature will constitute a vital security risk for us. And
when we first went into Northern Iraq, there was always the risk of PKK
blowing up the place. If we thoroughly consider the risks and
substantiate? As the general just said?

Yaar G�ler: Sir, when you were inside a moment ago, we were discussing just that. Openly. I mean, armed forces are a ?tool? necessary for you in every turn.

Ahmet Davutolu: Of course. I always tell the Prime Minister, in your absence, the same thing in academic jargon, you can?t stay in those lands without hard power. Without hard power, there can be no soft power.

A full translation can be found here

And just in case you had faith that this was all made up and Erdogan is right to ban it… he just admitted it was true!

#Turkey’s PM Erdogan live in Diyarbakir calls leaking of meeintg at Foreign Mins. “immoral.”

? Emre Peker (@wsjemre) March 27, 2014

To summarize: a recording confirming a NATO-member country
planned a false-flag war with Syria (where have we seen that before?)
and all the Prime Minister has to say is the leak was “immoral.”

Erdogan is not amused:

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan described the leaking
on YouTube on Thursday of a recording of top security officials
discussing possible military operations in Syria as “villainous” and the government blocked access to the video-sharing site.

“They even leaked a
national security meeting. This is villainous, this is dishonesty…Who
are you serving by doing audio surveillance of such an important
meeting?” Erdogan declared before supporters at a rally
ahead of March 30 local polls that will be a key test of his support
amid a corruption scandal. Switch Player


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