China gives Russia it approval on the Ukranian incursion

China FM clarifies stance on Ukraine situation(Xinhua) 19:47, March 03, 2014

Chinese flag, Beijing, China.

Chinese flag, Beijing, China. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

BEIJING, March 3 — China’s stance on the current situation in Ukraine is objective, just, fair and peaceful, Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said on Monday.

“China upholds its own diplomatic principles and the basic codes for international relations, which have also been implied on the Ukraine issue,” Qin said when asked for comments on Russia’s actions. “Meanwhile, we have also taken the historical and contemporary factors of the Ukraine issue into consideration.”

The comments came as a clarification of Qin’s Sunday briefing, in which he urged all sides involved in the Ukraine situation to comply with international law and seek a political solution to their disputes through dialogue and negotiations.

On Sunday, the spokesman said China always sticks to the principle of non-interference in any country’s internal affairs and respects the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

“There are reasons for today’s situation in Ukraine,” Qin added on Monday.

He urged efforts from involved parties to prevent escalating the situation and jointly safeguard the regional peace and stability.

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