Our Safari through TOR – Espionage, Assasination, and Private Armies

EEV: Nothing Special Here .  Just posting up a few Common easy to find TOR posts, for our Non TOR users. Often the media makes solicitations for subversive dealings appear unusual or uncommon, but they are not. I will post web page snap shots for our readers to see. I will try not to expose web addresses or names of these sites unless requested by their web master. The validity of the sites, will always require confirmation. Since half of them are probably NSA fishing sites. The following are a couple just for fun, and I will post more later on. * Please feel free to refer other sites, that can be confirmed.

ScreenHunter_115 Dec. 29 23.24

ScreenHunter_117 Dec. 30 10.05

ScreenHunter_118 Dec. 30 10.05

ScreenHunter_114 Dec. 29 23.23

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