Warren Buffett Made $1.5 Million Per Hour in ’13


Thursday, 19 December 2013

Through Dec. 11, Buffett’s net worth—at least on paper—shot up by $12.7 billion to $59.1 billion in 2013 from $46.4 billion at the start of the year, according to Wealth-X, the wealth research firm. That works out to a paper gain of $1.5 million an hour.

Gates is still the richest man in America. But he was the number two gainer in dollar terms this year, with his paper wealth soaring by $11.5 billion to $72.6 billion. Casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson was third, with an $11.4 billion gain to $35.3 billion.

The gains were fueled almost entirely by rising stock prices, which boosted the value of company shares held by founders and corporate chiefs. And the wealth was spread throughout all industries, suggesting that the broad stock market gains have been the chief wealth driver this year—rather than industry-specific gains in tech, energy or other sectors.

The top 10 billionaire gainers saw their wealth increase by a combined $101.8 billion—more than the GDP’s of Puerto Rico or Slovakia.

Here is the full list.

Top billionaire gainers in 2013

Warren Buffett—$12.7 billion gain to $59.1 billion

Bill Gates—$11.5 billion gain to $72.6 billion

Sheldon Adelson—$11.4 billion gain to $35.3 billion

Jeff Bezos—$11.3 billion gain to $34.4 billion

Mark Zuckerberg—$10.5 billion gain to $24.7 billion

Masayoshi Son—$10.3 billion gain to $19.1 billion

Sergey Brin—$9.3 billion gain to $30 billion

Larry Page—$9.3 billion gain to $29.9 billion

Lui Chee Woo—$8.3 billion gain to $19.6 billion

Carl Icahn—$7.2 billion gain to $22.1 billion