Boy, 15, kills himself after ‘facing expulsion and being put on sex offender registry’ for STREAKING at high school football game

  • Christian Adamek hanged himself on  October 2 and died from his injuries two days later – a week after he streaked  at his high school football game
  • He was arrested and school district  recommended he face a court hearing
  • If convicted of indecent exposure, he’d  have gone on sex offenders list

By  Lydia Warren

PUBLISHED: 10:40 EST, 10  October 2013 |  UPDATED: 10:50 EST, 10 October 2013

A popular 15-year-old student  has committed suicide after he reportedly faced expulsion and being placed on  the sex offenders’ register simply for streaking at a high school football  game.

Christian Adamek, from Huntsville, Alabama,  hanged himself on October 2, a week after he was arrested for running naked  across the Sparkman High football field during a game.

The teenager died two days later from his  injuries and on Wednesday, friends and family gathered at a memorial service as  they struggled to comprehend the beloved student’s death.

A video of Adamek streaking during a game  against a rival team was posted on YouTube hours after the event and students  took to Twitter to call him a ‘legend’.

Loss: Christian Adamek, 15, hanged himself last week after he faced possible expulsion and criminal charges for streaking across his high school's football field during a game the week earlierLoss: Christian Adamek, 15, hanged himself last week  after he faced possible expulsion and criminal charges for streaking across his  high school’s football field during a game the week earlier

‘Sparkman’s new slogan is gonna be “Welcome  to Sparkman High School, Home of Christian Adamek”,’ one student  wrote.

But school staff did not treat the situation  so lightly.

Sparkman High Principal Michael Campbell told  WHNT a day  before the suicide attempt that the teen could face major repercussions because  of his actions.

‘There’s the legal complications,’  Campbell  said. ‘Public lewdness and court consequences  outside of school with the legal  system, as well as the school  consequences that the school system has set  up.’

Incident: Adamek, seen right, was filmed streaking across the school football field on September 27Incident: Adamek, seen right, was filmed streaking  across the school football field on September 27

In Alabama, indecent exposure is linked to  the state’s sex offender laws, meaning that he could have found himself on the  sex offenders register due to the streaking.

Campbell added that that the incident was not  just a prank and needed to be treated seriously.

Sparkman High administrators even recommended  that Adamek face a hearing in the Madison County court system to  determine if  formal charges would be filed, WHNT reported.

Adamek had also been disciplined by the  school district but the details had not been made public.

The day before the suicide attempt, the  principal had confirmed that Adamek was not at school and the teenager’s sister  suggested on Twitter that Adamek faced expulsion, reported.

Popular: After the streaking, fellow students called Adamek, pictured, a 'legend' but the school district took it far more seriously, recommending that he had a court hearing and disciplining himPopular: After the streaking, fellow students called  Adamek, pictured, a ‘legend’ but the school district took it far more seriously,  recommending that he had a court hearing and disciplining him

Missed: He is pictured with his mother, Angela, in his younger years. He also leaves behind a brother and sisterMissed: He is pictured with his mother, Angela, in his  younger years. He also leaves behind a brother and sister

Campbell declined to comment on Adamek’s  death but the Madison County school district issued a statement saying it had  ‘received word that a Sparkman High School student has passed away’.

‘Our prayers and thoughts are with the family  during this time of bereavement,’ the statement read.

The messages on Twitter have now turned from  congratulatory to somber.

‘Praying for the Adamek family. Christian was  so funny and nice. He will be missed by so many,’ one girl wrote.

The family – Adamek leaves behind his mother,  Angela, and a sister and a brother – shared photos and memories online of the  fun-loving teen, who was pictured posing and grinning at the camera.

At Wednesday’s memorial service, his Boy  Scout Troop master, David Silvernail, said Adamek was a popular teenager who  always had a smile on his face.

Questions: The principal of Sparkman High School in Harvest, Alabama has not commented on the suicideQuestions: The principal of Sparkman High School in  Harvest, Alabama has not commented on the suicide

‘There are two kinds of people in the world;  ones that brighten the room when they walk in and those that don’t,’ he  said.

‘He was one that brightened the room when he  walked in. That’s what I’ll always remember about Christian.’

His mother, Angela, thanked her son’s friends  and said they could learn from his life, reported.

‘Remember to smile, don’t be afraid to do  something goofy and remember the consequences of those actions, ask for help  when you need it, ask for help if you think your friends need it if you don’t  know what to do, be quirky, be happy, be smart,’ she said.

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257 thoughts on “Boy, 15, kills himself after ‘facing expulsion and being put on sex offender registry’ for STREAKING at high school football game

  1. At his age, playing a prank like this was childish, but the school district should not had treated this case in an All American Against Evil attitude. Teenagers are teenagers. They need guidance. Rebellious behaviors are nurtured over time, so are well behaved attitudes. High school is a stage of teenage growth, and teachers and counselors have the responsible to provide proper leadership, mentoring, and guidance to all students toward a bright future. Penalizing him with sex offender registration is non sense. It was not the best solution to guide him toward the right path. The school district needs to b penalize for his death. 3rd degree murder.


  2. This is a very sad story.. Someone so young and innocent died because of a prank which in no way did anyone get hurt from it…. I understand the school has rules and they must be followed, but that is just where this should of stayed is with in the school system. If people would stop posting everything on the internet the courts system might not of had to get involved… Just saying
    As far as for you Peter Nolan ( if your not lying about your name) just because one woman lies doesn’t mean we all do if that was the case we could say the samething about men… not every woman in AMERICA acts like the woman your trying to make us all out to be… I think you should grow up and not post all your drama for someone breaking your heart or taking your house…. Oh yeah why is it your house when you both lived there and paid the bills… Just asking… Get over it !!!!!!


    • Candy,

      “As far as for you Peter Nolan ( if your not lying about your name) just because one woman lies doesn’t mean we all do”

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      Feminism certainly is an ideology – have you really never taken a ‘womyns studies’ course and heard the party line?

      The bias in family courts against men is also long-standing and well-documented.

      He admitted women have done wrong, so it’s not clear how your ‘blame the victim’ response is anything but proof of his criticism.


  3. Getting into trouble for something like this is one thing, but being expelled,,and put on a sex offender list is more than a little harsh.Now this poor kids dead all because of how were all supposed to conform to what they say is acceptable and whats not..Well who really to say whats acceptable and whats not.It”s OK to have open gay relationships on TV and same sex marriage throughout or country but this isn’t. I think all of these so called Americans don”t even know why this country was established in the first place. We really need to step back and look at what we’ve let this country become and then we might think a little differently next time.My heart and prayers go out to this kid parents and I hope these ass holes on the school board there will think twice next time.


  4. Well first off RIP you poor young soul and deepest sympathy to the family and friends that are left behind. What a complete and tragic over-reaction on many parts.
    @Peter Nolan: Dude, seriously sthu …you sound hysterical. I’m fairly certain most women don’t hate men. I’m thinking that it is just You they may not care for. I sincerely suggest that you consider therapy before your ballistic behavior surpasses internet rants.


    • Yendi,
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