North Korean army placed on high alert

ВМС США USS George Washington Джордж Вашингтон авианосец корабль сша прибывает в юго-восточный портовый город Пусан Южная Корея

USS George Washington

Photo: EPA

The North Korean army is placed on alert to be ready to begin combat actions at any time in response to the US-South Korean manoeuvres that begin in the Sea of Japan on Tuesday, North Korea’s central news agency reports.

0The Korean People’s Army is ordered to attentively watch actions of American and Japanese aggressors and the South Korean regime to be ready to begin combat actions at any moment, a North Korean general staff official said in a statement published on Tuesday in response to the US, Japanese and South Korean manoeuvres in the Sea of Japan with the participation of the George Washington aircraft carrier.

0Voice of Russia, TASS

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