France: ‘soldier’ Hollande’s popularity hits new low


Cuts, unemployment and deficit as war moves further away

11 September, 19:11


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(by Tullio Giannotti) (ANSAmed) – PARIS – As the war against Assad becomes more distant on the horizon, French citizens have to deal with their own problems. And only three in 10 appreciate their president, who has never ranked high in popularity polls but has now hit an all-time low. The austerity measures ahead, the budget and negative prospects don’t help him. Conservative newspaper Le Figaro, which has been a harsh critic, blames him for the worst performance as president in terms of unemployment since Giscard d’Estaing who had to deal with the oil crisis in the mid 1970s. Hollande has to deal with 139,000 jobs lost in his first few months as presidents, a huge number considering the 69,000 lost during the same period of Nicolas Sarkozy’s mandate. What is most hard for Hollande is that he made, and stressed on several occasion, a campaign pledge to boost employment by December 2013 while unemployment is instead still rising.

Hollande’s popularity – 30 over 100 according to a survey commissioned by Le Nouvel Observatuer, a weekly close to the gauche – remains negative. And the negative trend has continued for months, interrupted only by growing popularity over military intervention in Mali. This time around, the war-effect did not work out also because France appeared isolated on the international front or, even worse for the French public opinion, ‘dragged by the United States’. The result is that military intervention in Syria is backed by 35% of the population, according to the poll. (ANSAmed)


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