Russia concerned about security of its citizens in both Koreas

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Russian Foreign Ministry


Russia hopes that the leaders of the two Koreas will be wise enough not to let the current sharpening of relations between their countries grow into a war.

 A spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry says that in such worsening situation, Russia will try to take care of their citizens in both Koreas.

 On Friday, North Korea’s Foreign Ministry suggested that foreign embassies in Pyongyang, including the Russian one, and other foreign organizations in North Korea should send their workers back home.

 Russia keeps in touch with world powers on N. Korea evacuation offer

 Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said he is keeping in touch with China, South Korea, Japan and the United States after Pyongyang suggested world powers should pull their embassy staff from North Korea.

 Mr. Lavrov told journalists he was keeping the group of six international mediators posted and added Russia was concerned about belligerent rhetoric that has been fanning the conflict throughout past weeks.

 He said Russia was probing into the motives behind this proposal, but added Pyongyang made it clear that this was a mere offer, not a warning.

 Russia puzzled over N Korea’s proposal to pull out embassy staff

 Moscow is going to clarify the motives behind North Korea’s surprise proposal to evacuate Russia’s diplomatic mission, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Friday.

 Mr. Lavrov underscored that similar offers had been made to all Pyongyang-based foreign diplomatic missions.

 Ria-Novosti news agency had a phone talk with a member of the Russian embassy in Pyongyang who confirmed that North Korea’s foreign ministry suggested that Moscow consider pulling out its diplomatic corps from Korea following the crisis that has been spinning out of hand over the week.

 Russia concerns about safety of citizens in North Korea

 The safety of Russian nationals remains the utmost priority for Moscow, a source with the country’s Foreign Office has said commenting on North Korea’s proposal to draw up a roadmap for evacuation of the Russian embassy.

 The offer came in the light of the recent escalation of tensions in the Korean Peninsula following Pyongyang’s threat to strike at the US.

 The situation is spinning out of control, the source said, adding the conflict moved the security of Russian citizens in North Korea on the front burner.

 N Korea’s Foreign Ministry suggests that Russia consider evacuation issue

 The North Korean Foreign Ministry has suggested that Russia consider the issue of evacuating the Russian embassy personnel in view of the worsening of the situation on the Korean Peninsula, a representative of the Russian embassy in Pyongyang told RIA Novosti by phone.

 According to him Russia has taken this into account.

 This information was given to the other diplomatic missions in Pyongyang as well, he said.

 At the moment the Russian embassy is working normally, everything is quiet, and there is no tension, the diplomat said.

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