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Link to Anonymous Leaked PRISM-related NSA docs

EEV: Always Click with Caution Link to Anonymous leaks more PRISM-related NSA docs Primary Page: http://thedocs.hostzi.com/ 2010 EA Conf_RA Track Presentation_20100506.ppt 3170_01.pdf 514401Doddirectoritenetworks.pdf 6212_01.pdf 800001pDirectoriteDodinfoenterprise.pdf DT-12-COI-Glossary.pdf DoDAF-DM2_CMP_v1-0_FINAL_2011-10-03r1.docx DoD_NetOps_Strategic_Vision.pdf EATransitionStrategy.pdf NSI_EE.pdf insa-spies.pdf netcentric_jfc-1.pdf security_clearance.pdf

Was he murdered? Mystery death of American engineer working in Singapore on cutting-edge military technology ‘who had deep misgivings about his work’

Shane Todd, an American working on an  18-month assignment in Singapore, was found hanged in his apartment in June  2012 Family claims he was murdered and Singapore  police refuse to accept help from FBI Todds also recovered hard drive with backup  data from son’s project Dr Todd was […]