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Scientists find that individuals in vegetative states can learn

2009 study posted for filing Contact: Genevieve Maul Genevieve.maul@admin.cam.ac.uk 44-012-237-65542 University of Cambridge Research gives insight into possible rehabilitation of some patients Scientists have found that some individuals in the vegetative and minimally conscious states, despite lacking the means of reporting awareness themselves, can learn and thereby demonstrate […]

Neural implants could spark better decisions

18:00 19 September 2012 by Douglas Heaven Magazine issue 2883. Ever wish you could make better choices? That could one day be possible thanks to an electronic brain implant that can enhance short-term memory and decision-making in primates. The implant can also restore these functions in an animal model […]

BPA link to narrowing of the arteries

A research team from the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry (PCMD), University of Exeter, and University of Cambridge has for the first time established a link between high levels of urinary Bisphenol-A (BPA) and severe coronary artery stenosis (narrowing of the arteries). The study is published in […]