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Equation to predict happiness

The happiness of over 18,000 people worldwide has been predicted by an equation developed by researchers at UCL, with results showing that moment-to-moment happiness reflects not just how well things are going, but whether things are going better The happiness of over 18,000 people worldwide has been predicted […]

‘Memories’ pass between generations

By James Gallagher Health and science reporter, BBC News   Behaviour can be affected by events in previous generations which have been passed on through a form of genetic memory, animal studies suggest. Experiments showed that a traumatic event could affect the DNA in sperm and alter the […]

Ancient humans ‘rampantly interbred’ with Neanderthals and a mystery species in Lord Of The Rings-style world of different creatures

Genome  analysis of Neanderthal and human-like group called  Denisovans It reveals  ancient bedfellows may have included  ‘mystery human ancestor’ Has been  likened to Lord Of The Rings world of creatures which  interbred By  Daily Mail Reporter PUBLISHED: 17:13 EST, 19  November 2013 |  UPDATED: 09:55 EST, 20 November […]

Harms from breast cancer screening outweigh benefits if death caused by treatment is included

Contact: Emma Dickinson edickinson@bmjgroup.com 44-020-738-36529 BMJ-British Medical Journal Cancer expert remains to be convinced by breast screening review Harms from breast cancer screening outweigh benefits if death caused by treatment is included Michael Baum, Professor emeritus of surgery at University College London says that, while deaths from breast […]

Brain and nervous system damaged by low-level exposure to organophosphate pesticides

Contact: Dave Weston d.weston@ucl.ac.uk 44-020-310-83844 University College London Scientists have found that low-level exposure to organophosphates (OPs) produces lasting decrements in neurological and cognitive function. Memory and information processing speed are affected to a greater degree than other cognitive functions such as language. The systematic review of the […]

High-fat ketogenic diet effectively treats persistent childhood seizures

2010 study posted for filing Contact: Ekaterina Pesheva epeshev1@jhmi.edu 410-516-4996 Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions The high-fat ketogenic diet can dramatically reduce or completely eliminate debilitating seizures in most children with infantile spasms, whose seizures persist despite medication, according to a Johns Hopkins Children’s Center study published online April […]

Is there a savant inside all of us?

Savants have almost super-human abilities in art, music or memory – and not all are born that way. But is severe head trauma the only way to become a ‘sudden savant’? <!– remove the whitespace added by escenic before end of tag –> By William Langley 7:30AM BST […]

One in a hundred children are ‘psychopathic’, warn researchers – and they say there is nothing parents can do to control them

Scientists say affected children lie, cheat,  manipulate and commit acts of remorseless cruelty Traditional punishments have no effect on  their behaviour By Daily Mail Reporter PUBLISHED:11:49 EST, 30  August 2012| UPDATED:15:22 EST, 31 August 2012   Around 1 per cent of children could be  inherently psychopathic, with parents […]