Up to 100 children die from tainted measles vaccine – Syrian ambassador to UN ” the immunisation of children continues “

18 September 2014 UNITED NATIONS. KAZINFORM Some 100 children have died in the Syrian opposition-controlled areas of the north-western Idlib province where the UN measles vaccination campaign was held, Syrian Ambassador to the UN Bashar Jaafari said on Wednesday. Earlier media reports suggested 40 children died following measles […]

How GCHQ Monitors Germany, Israel and the EU

– suspicion arising from the documents that their organization engages in large-scale industrial espionage By Laura Poitras, Marcel Rosenbach and Holger Stark Documents from the archive of whistleblower and former NSA worker Edward Snowden show that Britain’s GCHQ signals intelligence agency has targeted European, German and Israeli politicians […]

Child marriages: 39,000 every day

Contact: Marshall Hoffman marshall@hoffmanpr.com 703-801-8602 Hoffman & Hoffman Worldwide More than 140 million girls will marry between 2011 and 2020 NEW YORK, 7 March 2013 – Between 2011 and 2020, more than 140 million girls will become child brides, according to United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). If current […]