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Twitter and Facebook ‘harming children’s development’

A generation of children risks growing up with obsessive personalities, poor self-control, short attention spans and little empathy because of an addiction to social networking websites such as Twitter, a leading neuroscientist has warned. Children’s brains are failing to develop properly because of over-exposure to screen-based technology, Baroness […]

Four men, all in their 20s, will face ‘urgent trial’ over allegations they insulted King Hamad on personal Twitter accounts

 Bahrain charges four men with insulting king Reuters in Dubi guardian.co.uk,   Thursday 18 October 2012 07.45 EDT An anti-government protester steps on a torn poster of King Hamad during protests in Manama in March 2011. Photograph: James Lawler Duggan/AFP/Getty Images Bahraini authorities have detained four men on charges of […]

The beautiful ARE the damned: Attractive women more likely to be seen as guilty of murdering their husbands, study shows

Findings  contradict generally held opinion that attractive people are treated more  leniently by the legal system Spanish  researchers also find that women who fit ‘prototype of a battered woman’ more  likely to have self defence story accepted By Damien Gayle PUBLISHED:03:32 EST, 12  October 2012| UPDATED:03:32 EST, 12 […]

Google admits Middle Eastern governments could be spying on its users as it warns of ‘state-sponsored’ hacking attacks

By Hugo Gye PUBLISHED:16:41 EST, 3  October 2012| UPDATED:16:41 EST, 3 October 2012 Google has launched a new effort to warn its  users that they could be the victims of cyberattacks from hostile  governments. Account-holders working in international  relations, development and other sensitive areas have received messages from […]