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Record-high tainted water leak at Fukushima plant

– leaked water contained an extraordinarily high 230-million becquerels per liter of beta-ray emitting substances, consisting mainly of strontium 90. NHK — Feb 21 The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant says 100 tons of water containing record high levels of radioactive substances overflowed from a storage […]

Breaking: Radioactivity level spikes 6,500 times higher at Fukushima well than readings taken on Wednesday

Published time: October 18, 2013 02:08                                                                             Fukushima Governor Yuhei sato (orange helmet) inspects the contaminated water tanks at Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant at Okuma town in Fukushima prefecture on October 15, 2013. (AFP Photo/Jiji press) Radioactivity levels in a well near […]

Fukushima Nuke Plant manager dies of cancer

  Tuesday, 09 July 2013     Masao Yoshida (AFP Photo / Japan Pool via JIJI Press) The ex-head of Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant Masao Yoshida, 58, died at a Tokyo hospital of esophageal cancer on July 9, 2013. Doctors have maintained repeatedly that Yoshida’s illness has […]

Fukushima loses cooling power

No electricity to pumps that feed ponds where spent nuclear fuel rods must be kept underwater at a safe temperature Associated Press in Tokyo guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 19 March 2013 00.38 EDT A damaged reactor building at the Fukushima power plant where an electricity failure has left spent nuclear […]

Where is everybody?

Picture of the DaySep. 27, 2012 – 06:52AM JST Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda addresses the 67th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Wednesday. Noda spoke about Japan’s territorial disputes with China and South Korea and said that issues should be resolved peacefully, according […]