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Disney Channel forced to pull episode of hit TV show Jessie that ‘mocks’ and ‘humiliates’ child on gluten-free diet

A  Change.org petition calling on Disney to ‘stop bullying gluten-intolerant  characters’ attracted 2,137 signatures By  Sadie Whitelocks PUBLISHED: 10:51 EST, 21 May  2013 |  UPDATED: 12:33  EST, 21 May 2013 The Disney Channel has pulled an episode of  its popular children’s show Jessie, after thousands of parents complained […]

A touchscreen that knows how you feel

19:35 12 October 2012   Hal Hodson, technology reporter   The touchscreens on tablets and smartphones make the devices easy for one person to interact with, but what happens when there is more than one user?   Touchscreens can’t tell your fingers from anyone else’s, but that’s set […]