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‘Syrian rebels take responsibility for the chemical attack admitting the weapons were provided by Saudis’ – source

 EEV: Requesting 2nd source confirmation     Photo: EPA In an interview with Dale Gavlak, a Middle East correspondent for the Associated Press and Mint Press News, Syrian rebels tacitly implied that they were responsible for last week’s chemical attack. Some information could not immediately be independently verified.  “From numerous […]

Israeli army placed on high alert

Photo: Flickr.com/kudumomo/cc-by In a live interview on Press TV, Voice of Russia regular contributor and the owner of the Stop NATO website Rick Rozoff, citing multiple sources, stated that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have been placed on high alert. 0Mr. Rozoff verified the information to the Voice […]

Foreign mercenaries in Syria intimidating Alawites, Kurds

Photo EPA/ITAR-TASS MOSCOW, August 22 (Itar-Tass) – Foreign mercenaries   fighting in Syria are trying to intimidate the Alawites and   Kurds, committing mass murders, Russian Foreign Ministry   spokesman Alexander Lukashevich stated on Thursday. He cited the situation in Aleppo’s Karm al-Jabal   district, which was seized a few days ago […]

Syria’s military command denies chemical weapon use

Photo EPA/ITAR-TASS KUWAIT CITY, August 21 (Itar-Tass) – Syria’s military   command denied the opposition’s claims that the government   troops had used chemical weapons on the outskirts of   Damascus. Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi said such claims on   the part of the opposition were illogical and had been   fabricated. Earlier […]

Disturbing report alleges killings of 450 Kurds in Syria / Kurds have begun Mobilization

Published time: August 07, 2013 04:52                                                                              Unconfirmed reports have emerged detailing a new massacre in which 450 Kurds – including 120 children – were allegedly slaughtered by al-Qaeda-linked rebels fighting against the Syrian government. The report has sparked international concern. “The task of tackling the terrorist threat is […]

RT source: Israeli strike on Syria was carried out from Turkish base

Published time: July 15, 2013 04:00   Edited time: July 15, 2013 13:00                                                                             Israel used a Turkish military base to launch one of its recent airstrikes against Syria from the sea, a reliable source told RT. Israel has been under scrutiny since last week, when it was reported […]

Syria vows to retaliate against Israel

Photo: EPA A series of massive explosions illuminated the dark sky over Damascus early Sunday, igniting renewed claims that Israel has launched attacks into the war-torn country.  Syria’s government said the explosions were the second Israeli airstrike in three days. The latest target, officials said, was a military […]

Syrian rebels say seize UN convoy

    EEV: Video Recently Added Mar 6, 2013 20:51 Moscow Time Photo: EPA Syrian rebels say they have seized a convoy of United Nations observers near the Golan Heights, according to a video posted on the Internet site YouTube on Thursday by a violence monitoring group. A […]

Report: Russia Sends Landing Ships to Syria

<!—-> Dec. 30, 2012 – 11:39AM By AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE MOSCOW— A Russian warship carrying a unit of marines has left its Black Sea port for Syria amid preparations for a possible evacuation of nationals living and working in the strife-torn country, news reports said Dec. 30. The Novocherkassk […]

Russians man Syrian air defences

Russian military presence in Syria poses challenge to US-led intervention Advisers deployed with surface-to-air systems bolster President Assad’s defences and complicate outcome of any future strikes Julian Borger The Guardian,              Sunday 23 December 2012 16.30 EST Syria crisis – an Assad regime military vehicle destroyed by rebels […]