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US State Department lacks any cyber-security whatsoever, including no passwords needed (Repost from Oct 2013)

Editors Note: (Ralph Turchiano)- Requested Repost from Oct 2103  Published time: October 28, 2013 02:01                                                                             Reuters / Jim Young Access classified data without authorization, use your account after you’ve been fired, or anonymously request a new account for an Afghan friend – these are just some of […]

Judicial Watch: Benghazi Documents Point to White House on Misleading Talking Points

APRIL 29, 2014  (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that on April 18, 2014, it obtained 41 new Benghazi-relatedState Department documents. They include a newly declassified email showing then-White House Deputy Strategic Communications Adviser Ben Rhodes and other Obama administration public relations officials attempting to orchestrate a campaign to […]

Avril Haines- New Female CIA Deputy

EEV: Story posted for second source validation. June 13, 2013 by Jen President Obama’s pick for deputy director of the CIA, set to replace outgoing deputy director Michael Morell and putting a woman for the first time in one of the spy agency’s top jobs, is Avril Haines. […]

Who is Avril D. Haines – What Bio’s we could quickly find on the nominated to be CIA deputy director

Updated: https://engineeringevil.com/2013/06/16/avril-haines-new-cia-2-ran-indie-bookstore-remembered-for-90s-erotica-nights/   Links to some quoted posts: “Avril Haines is a White House lawyer and has been part of President Barack Obama’s counsel. The 43-year-old has also worked with the National Security Council as an adviser. She will become the first woman to reach the CIA deputy […]

Who is the unnamed U.S. Ambassador who ‘solicited prostitutes in public parks?’ Damning internal memo reveals disgrace of top diplomat

EEV: This article has been updated with the accused Ambassador at the following link: https://engineeringevil.com/2013/06/13/revealed-state-department-employs-two-thousand-agents-with-criminal-records-or-checkered-backgrounds/   An internal memo  obtained by CBS News reveals specific instances where investigations were  ‘influenced, manipulated or simply called off’ One investigation  regarded allegations that a U.S. ambassador was soliciting prostitutes in public  […]

US diplomatic security accused in sex, drugs cover-up

11   Jun   2013 WASHINGTON (AFP) A US watchdog has launched an inquiry into claims that diplomatic security officials tried to cover up alleged sex-and-drugs charges against agents and diplomats, an official said. State Department diplomatic security agents are responsible for protecting 275 US embassies as well as the […]

Drones were circling above U.S. consulate during Libya attack but officials decided NOT to mount a rescue mission

U.S.  Ambassador Christopher Stevens repeatedly pleaded with the State Department for  additional security personnel Republicans  say the Obama administration denied the request for political reasons The White  House says it had no role in procuring security detail for Stevens By Hayley Peterson and Jill Reilly PUBLISHED:10:01 EST, 19  […]