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Over 700,000 people on US watch list: and once you get on, there’s no way off

Published time: December 02, 2013 20:59                                                                                A US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent checks the identification and boarding pass of a passenger as she passes through security in the terminal at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Arlington, Virginia (AFP Photo / Saul Loeb) The names of […]

New Category ” Benghazi”

Since it now seems All Roads Lead to Benghazi. There is now an easy to select category in which to witness the unraveling of this event. The information compiled is restricted to the following reference points. Intelligence Gathering Political Incompetence Intentional Deception Compromise of Officials Lost Documentation Who Set […]

‘Troubling’ Surveillance Before Benghazi Attack “Assuming we don’t die tonight. We saw one of our ‘police’ that guard the compound taking pictures,” he wrote hours before the assault.

Sensitive documents found amid the wreckage of the U.S. consulate shine new light on the Sept. 11 assault that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans. BY HARALD DOORNBOS, JENAN MOUSSA |NOVEMBER 1, 2012 BENGHAZI, Libya — More than six weeks after the shocking assault on the […]

UPDATE: U.S. investigators FINALLY arrive at at site of Benghazi consulate attack – more than three weeks after terror massacre

Engineering Evil: This is the current up date to the prior article 24 hours ago. In which the Investigators were still not given permission to leave Tripoli. Team that  includes FBI agents shows up at burned out U.S. consulate building on Thursday  morning Secretary  of State Hillary Clinton vows full […]

Safe house where Ambassador died had no Marine guard and his body was missing for five hours: Full scale of chaos surrounding Libyan killings revealed

Benghazi  consulate was not protected by the contingent of Marines that usually safeguard  embassies and instead was guarded by Libyan and State Department security  officers Embassy was  ‘an interim facility’ lacking bulletproof glass, reinforced doors or other  features common to embassies USS Laboon  and USS McFaul, which are […]