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Report: Senate immigration bill includes nearly $300 million in slush funds for immigrants’ rights groups, in language drafted by the former policy chief for one such organization

The National Council of La Raza is likely to  benefit from grant money set aside in an immigration bill drafted by its former  policy director Legislation passed in the Senate would  exclude three-time DUI offenders from a path to citizenship, but two-time drunk  drivers would be acceptable Passport […]

Multibillion-dollar scheme to set up intelligence ‘fusion centers’ after 9/11 has failed to catch any terrorists, Senate report reveals

77 fusion centers  were created to encourage law enforcement agencies to share  intelligence Report says the  information-sharing effort cost the federal government from  $300million-$1.4billon One fusion center  reported a Muslim community group’s reading list Congress is  likely to keep the fusion center program By Daily Mail Reporter PUBLISHED:07:55 […]