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Is THIS why Chris Christie was so loving toward Obama? New Jersey Governor was Romney’s FIRST choice as VP and was bitter when Mitt suddenly changed his mind

He was miffed by the decision to dump him  from the Republican ticket ‘I say what I feel and what I believe… I’m  just doing the same thing with the President’ By Hayley Peterson PUBLISHED:12:02 EST, 3  November 2012| UPDATED:12:02 EST, 3 November 2012 First choice: New Jersey […]

Mitt was correct to attack Obama over Libya killings after siding with President . . . as cameras catch Michelle breaking rules by clapping husband

Moderator said Romney was incorrect to  question whether the President called the killing of the U.S. ambassador in  Benghazi an ‘act of terror’ Crowley claimed she waded in over Libya to  ‘bring clarity’ to debate Later backtracked and admitted Romney ‘was  right in the main’ Michelle Obama caught […]