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RNA-interference pesticides will need special safety testing

Contact: Tim Beardsley tbeardsley@aibs.org 703-674-2500 x326 American Institute of Biological Sciences A new technology for creating pesticides and pest-resistant crops could have effects on beneficial species that current toxicity testing will miss Standard toxicity testing is inadequate to assess the safety of a new technology with potential for […]

‘Junk DNA’ drives embryonic development

Contact: Heather Buschman, Ph.D. hbuschman@sanfordburnham.org 858-795-5343 Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute Sanford-Burnham researchers discover that microRNAs play an important role in germ layer formation—the process that determines which cells become which organs during embryonic development              IMAGE:   These are differentiating mouse embryonic stem cells (green = mesoderm […]

Cordyceps could have anti-flammatory benefits

Contact: Lindsay Brooke lindsay.brooke@nottingham.ac.uk 44-011-595-15751 University of Nottingham Rare parasitic fungi could have anti-flammatory benefits Caterpillar fungi (Cordyceps) are rare parasites found on hibernating caterpillars in the mountains of Tibet. For centuries they have been highly prized as a traditional Chinese medicine – just a small amount can […]

DEAD-box proteins function as recycling nanopistons when unwinding RNA: May be incorporated into artificial nanomachines

Contact: Daniel Oppenheimer daniel.oppenheimer@utexas.edu 512-745-3353 University of Texas at Austin Ancient enzymes function like nanopistons to unwind RNA AUSTIN, Texas—Molecular biologists at The University of Texas at Austin have solved one of the mysteries of how double-stranded RNA is remodeled inside cells in both their normal and disease […]

Precise and persistent cell sabotage

  Contact: Kevin Mayhood kevin.mayhood@case.edu 216-534-7183 Case Western Reserve University   Control of siRNA could aid regenerative medicine, cancer therapy Some of the body’s own genetic material, known as small interfering RNA (siRNA), can be packaged then unleashed as a precise and persistent technology to guide cell behavior, […]

Viruses with integrated gene switch

Contact: Dr. Sibylle Kohlstädt s.kohlstaedt@dkfz.de Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres Numerous viruses are used in the service of science today. They serve as gene taxis to transfer therapeutic genes into body cells or as therapeutic viruses targeted to infect and destroy cancer cells. For such applications, the […]